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How it Works
RAY is your web archiving, full page capture, and your extra length webpage screenshot platform

Use RAY to automatically collect and keep records for regulatory compliance, monitor your website, your competition, and public perception.

RAY has made collecting defensible data from websites, Social Media, and collaboration platforms

Schedule your webpage captures hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly and set up a smart email alert to notify you of essential words you want to detect "on" or "off" a webpage. RAY's Smart Alert allows you to make different combinations of up to 3 words for every Alert. This option is precious for Disclaimer monitoring. Follow our social media and our website to learn more about our features through our resource pages and video tutorials

RAY advanced Search Engine, AI-enabled, transforms your static archives into a dynamic and powerful production tool

RAY offers an AI-powered Search engine to help make the most of your archives, enabling early and precise queries. Multi-criteria tagging and intelligent word analysis added to sensitivity analysis and language detection are a concentrated sample from our R&D efforts for your convenience. The Smart Search Engine is one of our default features in RAY.

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Start capturing website screenshots automatically and save a lot of grunt work. You'll be set up in less than a minute. No credit card required.

RAY Express

RAY Express is a fast, hustle-free web archiving service. Copy-paste the URL and add your email address. Your webpage archive in PDF, PNG and HTML will be delivered to your email in no time. You will find RAY Express discount coupons on our social media pages. Follow our pages to get them all.